What is the difference between buttons and buttons

The main difference between buttons and buttons is that they are made of different materials. Buttons usually refer to "buttons" made of metal materials, while buttons generally refer to "buttons" made of non-metallic materials, but the two are the same thing relative to buttons on clothes. Due to personal habits and geographical differences, most people in the mainland are called "buttons", while most people in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are called "buttons".

The material of buttons can be roughly divided into three types: plastic, metal and natural. The manufacturing process of buttons made of various materials is different.

The original function of the button is to tie the clothes with the decorative needle, that is, to connect the clothes. But with the continuous development of the times, the value of the button is also increasing. In addition to retaining the original functional type, the creative type is derived. At present, some clothes on the market will be decorated with the button as an ornament, which can play the role of embellishment, and is an indispensable part of the clothing structure.