Several main varieties of resin buttons

1. The magnetic white button is a single white button without pattern, but can be made into various shapes.
2. The features of flat pearlescent button products are that the pearlescent brightness is the same on the whole button surface, like a mirror, with bright color, and the appearance is difficult to distinguish from the pearlescent plexiglass button. The pearlescent buttons in natural color are mostly used for shirt buttons.
3. The pearly light on the surface of the glass pearly button is arranged in a wavy shape. The pearly light is high, and the bright spots shine like cat's eyes.
4. The pearlescent buttons such as cloud flower imitation shell buttons are characterized by irregular cloud flower arrangement of pearlescent on the surface and display colorful effect. This pearlescent button is close to the pearlescent effect of natural shell, so it is called imitation shell button.
5. Striped buttons have fine and smooth lines on the surface, natural colors, and natural bamboo and wood textures, so they are also called imitation wood buttons and bamboo buttons. This type of button is mainly used on some casual clothes.