When was the button invented

The use of buttons has a history of more than 6000 years. As early as 4000 years ago, the ancestors of Iran, Persians, had already used stones to make buttons. 6th Ancient Egypt
In the dynasty, the local tyrants made buttons of gold and silver and decorated them around the collar of the clothes. Although the buttons are made, they are not practical, just good-looking. after
Women who like to wear skirts no longer use loops made of cloth to button up. They find that they can button up the button by cutting a hole in the clothes, which is much more convenient
Very practical.
China's Zhou Dynasty has begun to adopt the system of upper garment and lower garment. Both men and women wear two pieces of upper garment and lower garment. There are officials in charge of making gowns in the court, and civil and military officials do the grand ceremony
You must wear a dress. At that time, the use of clothing was relatively standard, and the clothing system was quite complete. Zhou Li, Book of Rites and other books reflecting the etiquette of the Zhou Dynasty
Now there is the word "button". "button" is a knot that intersects with each other, that is, a knot. According to my collection of copper Yinwen buttons of the Western Zhou Dynasty and archaeological findings in China, there were
Use of buttons. Among the Warring States cultural relics unearthed in Shizhai Mountain, Jinning, Yunnan Province, there are circles, ellipses, animal heads and non-standard shapes made of blue, apple green and light gray turquoise
Shaped buttons. Each one has one or two small holes. Some are carved with patterns, with unique shapes, colorful colors and wonderful waxy luster. In the collection of buttons, still
Simple buttons made of small stones, slices, animal horns, walnuts and coconut shells. This shows that in the Zhou Dynasty, the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, some Chinese people used buttons.
In the middle period of the ancient tomb age unearthed in Japan, the patterns displayed on the disc wheel made of body image show that the men's clothing is composed of clothes and skirts, and the clothes are narrow-sleeved jackets, and the front chest
The placket is connected by buttons. It can be seen that the Japanese had used buttons before the ancient tomb period.
In the 16th century, the Chinese introduced the button to Europe. At that time, only men used it, and women used it less. Most people only used it as clothing- In order to show
His wealth is made of precious gold and silver, pearls, metatarsus, diamonds, rhinoceros horn, antelope horn, ivory and other precious materials, and used to make buttons. France has King Louis X
4、 The record of making a royal robe with 13000 precious buttons. Among my collections, there are precious buttons made of precious ox horn, antelope horn, ivory, gold and silver